Introducing the Road Trip Relief Squad and their story...

Carol Heywood

Eric Tingstad

Tina Louise Albrecht

The idea for Happy Butt was born on a Sunday night, long road trip home after a weekend conference in 100 Mile House, Canada. Carol and Tina decided they just wanted to get back home as quickly as possible to the Seattle area so petal to the metal (obeying the speed limits, of course) and minimum stops. When they started to squirm from road butt setting in, some up-beat dance music came on and squirming became squeezing to the beat of the music. Tina took on the role of aerobics instructor and started calling out "right cheek, left cheek, together now and right cheek..." It worked! They laughed hysterically while they squeezed away the fatigue. Their spirits were lifted, as well as their cheeks, and they felt alert and relieved with circulation flowing. They had indeed turned their road butts into happy butts. Carol turned to Tina with the light of inspiration in her eyes and enthusiastically proclaimed "What a great idea! We could make a CD with great music and exercise instructions to help people that spend a lot of time on the road!"

In spite of their enthusiasm, the idea stayed on the back burner for several years until Eric Tingstad, the masterful grammy-award-winning musician and producer, came on the scene. In a well-orchestrated collaborative effort, Eric composed, directed and performed most of the can't-sit-still music that is the strong moving force of this program. The music alone will get you going.

Enter Carol and Tina with the voice-over exercise instructions and light-hearted banter that really makes this program, not only fun, but very effective at relieving the rigors of the road. They take you through 33 minutes that include 7 songs that focus on various aspects of road fatigue, while constantly reminding you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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  This exercise program was designed for open-road, cruise control type driving. Do not attempt to do these exercises in traffic conditions that demand your full attention.

Dale Evans, the patron saint of this project, will protect you as long as you promise to keep both hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and obey all the laws of the road. Happy Butt Inc., Road Trip Relief Squad and any seller of this product are not liable for any damages that may occur as a result of not keeping that promise.

Safety Always
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