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Review You (ReviewYou.com)
While enduring a long drive home, Carol Heywood and Tina Albrecht devised a plan to alleviate their aching and sore derrieres. In time to the music on the radio, the ladies squeezed and released their cheeks, getting the blood flowing into the all important gluteus maximus muscles, while laughing hysterically and getting a reprieve from the boredom of the road. This stroke of innovative genius brought to life the Road Trip Relief Squad and their album Happy Butt. Collaborating with grammy-award-winning musician and producer Eric Tingstad, the trio set about making a fun-filled exercise album to help drivers and their passengers whittle away the time on the road in a creative and healthy way. (Read more)

Wildy's World (wildysworld.blogspot.com)
Have you ever spent a long road trip shifting from cheek to cheek thinking that your blood might not flow through those muscles ever again? Well future trips may be different thanks to the Road Trip Relief Squad. Carol Heywood, Tina Louise Albrecht and GRAMMY winner Eric Tingstad (Tingstad & Rumbel) combined forces in 2010 to create one of the funniest workout albums of all time, Happy Butt: Cheeky Fun to Help Relieve the Rigors of the Road. Tingstad has composed seven dynamic tracks to go with Heywood and Albrecht's rather humorous exercise routines. Perhaps the funniest aspect of the album is that the exercises work. (Read more)

Andrea Guy
The idea for Road Trip Relief Squad came while band members Carol Heywood and Tina Albrecht made the long drive from a weekend conference at 100 Mile House, Canada, back home to Seattle, Washington. Anyone who has gone on a road trip knows that after a few hours of sitting in the car, certain parts of the body go numb. But when some dance music came on the radio and butts began moving, a workout idea was born! The resulting album, Happy Butt, is a fun and often-hilarious 33 minutes of exercises drivers can do to make road trips less painful on the butt. The seven songs that make up Happy Butt guide the listener/exerciser through a mini-workout of the butt and abs. The music is nondescript, but the banter between Carol and Tina will bring about a lot of laughter, especially if the listener is a fan of the Delicious Dish sketches on Saturday Night Live. The two women have a delivery that can only be described as magically monotone. (Read more)

Vinny "Bond" Marini
Everyone has taken a car trip in their life where you become weary and your butt begins to fall asleep and up until now, the only way to relieve that is to pull over and walk around and stretch. Up until the Road Trip relief Squad has offered you their album Happy Butt...Cheeky fun to relieve the rigors of the road... Road Trip Relief Squad is Carol Heywood, Tina Albrecht and Eric Tingstad and the idea for the album came on a long drive home from a conference where Tina and Carol just wanted to get home. That one thought made them stay on the road as long as possible. Of course, tired butts began to make them want to stop, but the thought of getting home kept them moving. At one point dance music came on the radio and Tina began calling out aerobic instructions as they squeezed their butts to the music. Laughing the whole way the ladies thought it would make a great album, but as with most interesting ideas, the idea became lost in the 'what needs to be done now' canister. A few years later, enter Grammy-award-winning musician and producer Tingstad and Happy Butt...Cheeky fun to relieve the rigors of the road...became reality. (Read more)

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