Cheeky Fun To Help Relieve The Rigors of The Road - Available on CD or download
The Happy Butt program will bring relief to anyone who spends a lot of time in their cars and trucks. It is also perfect for all travelers who take planes, trains, buses and any other form of transportation where lots of sitting is required. It can also be uploaded to portable music players bringing relief via earphones. What a great way to break the ice with fellow travelers by offering them the opportunity to join in so they too can turn their road butt into a happy butt.

This series of exercises is very effective for waking things up from head to toe by increasing circulation and bringing in extra oxygen. Continued usage will result in tightened abs and a toned toosh. Beyond the physical benefits lies the uplifting power of fun. Carol, Eric and Tina, the Road Trip Relief Squad, had lots of fun with this project and that is contagious. Time on the road goes a lot faster when you are having fun! The great music, effective exercises and contagious fun add up to a light-hearted romp that recreates the uplifted spirits and cheeks of Carol and Tina's first Happy Butt discovery road trip.

The world will be a better place when we each have a Happy Butt. The reasonable retail price of $12.33 ea makes that a reachable goal and a perfect gift!

TrackDescriptionListen to a Preview
1The CD starts by taking you on a trip to Caribbean beaches where the song Beach Bum, leads you through the introduction and on into breathing exercises while wiggling your toes in the sand. (5:20)
2The featured hot Latin-beat, cheek-squeezing number, Cheeks and Salsa, puts a whole new spin on salsa dancing. (4:58)
3Reaching down into the soul of blues rock takes us into the ab workout to the Lose the Fat Blues. Eric reported bleeding fingers after recording those hot licks. (4:54)
4Cowabunga Crunch keeps us riding the belly waves from the ab workouts to the groovy beat of nostalgic surf rock. Surf's Up! (4:47)
5Moving South from surfboard to scrub board to make faces, like when you eat spicy Cajun cookin'. Faceoff on Bourbon Street will certainly raise some eyebrows! (5:02)
6After that heat, Chillin' will cool you down with boogie woogie for shoulder and neck rolls and instructions on how not to let anyone take you out of your cool place. (4:18)
7Of course, the ultimate perfect finale for a road trip program - a sing-along to Happy Trails. Which also serves as a tribute to the patron saint of this project, Dale Evans, who wrote Happy Trails. (4:03)

Production Credits
All music composed by Eric Tinsgtad - Chessy Cat Music (BMI) except Happy Trails composed by Dale Evans - Sony/ATV Harmony (ASCAP)
Produced and Recorded by Eric Tingstand at All the Comforts of Home, Sammamish, WA
Mixed by Tom Hall and Eric Tingstad
Mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI/CD Mastering, Seattle, WA

Eric Tingstad - guitars
Janet Baltzo - organ
Narayan Baltzo - trumpet
David Lang - accordian
Chris Middaugh - pedal steel
Nick Moore - piano
TJ Morris - drums

Road Trip Relief Squad Chorus on Happy Trails
Ezra Albrecht, Tina Louise Albrecht, Janet Baltzo, Narayan Baltzo, Anna Fornachon, Leroy Henry, Carol Heywood, Bryan Kettel

Karen Moskowitz - www.karenmoskowitz.com

Don Dill - www.dondill.com

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