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"After a few hours driving, I began to droop and experience road trance. Played Happy Butt and soon was sitting straight and driving alertly with a smile on my face. A delight, pure fun, a joy, safer driving with Happy Butt. Arrive safely with Happy Butt. The smile that exercises with a laugh!"
Merlin, Vernon, BC

"I'm a structural bodytherapist and let me say that movement is essential to healthy minds and bodies. Happy Butt is just that. Put it in - the cd in your player, turn up the volume and move your ass. Some of my most challenging clients are long haul drivers or computer jockeys. Pain and discomfort can give you a grumpy butt. Move it or lose it! Such a novel and healthy idea. Thank you Road Relief Crew!"
John, Issaquah, WA

"No ifs, ands or butts, my butt appreciates the fine workouts provided on the Happy Butt CD."
Tyhson, Tappen, BC

"I am a long-distance trucker and, like most drivers, I struggle with stiffness on those long cross-country hauls. I get tired and sore and sometimes it feels like the circulation in my legs isn't working right. Recently a gear-slammin' buddy recommended the "Happy Butt" CD, so I got one, figured what the hell. Not only is there a picture of a couple hot-lookin' chicks on the front (plus some weird-lookin' dude) but the music is great. I started doing the different exercises and stretches while driving and I'll tell you they make a world of difference! My legs, my butt, my back all feel way better and I don't have to stop so often to stretch and walk around. Now my butt has two smiles, one vertical, one horizontal. Get a copy yourself and your own butt will be happy too!"
Chris, Redmond, WA

"Happy Butt is not about passing gas, unless that is your preference. Instead, while using the gas of your car you can re-energize and relieve your muscles during those long road trip same-sitting-positions. Enjoy in-place exercising to the snappy call outs, or just listen to the lively background music ensemble. Either way this CD is just plain fun!"
Patty, Fall City, WA

"Normally nothing can make my abs sore, I even bet my trainer he couldn't make me sore and I won. But this really works, the day after a long drive to Vail I could barely get out of bed! Happy Butt creates a positive energy that flows through the car and makes it impossible not to be in a great mood."
Jennifer, Boulder, CO

"While driving on a long trip over the mountains on the freeway we turned on the cd. We didn't need coffee or food to keep sleepiness and boredom at bay. This really works and with my seratonin levels up I felt so much more cheerful as a byproduct! You should have great success with this! May all drivers and their passengers on a long road trip own this!"
Janet, Woodinville, WA
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